Reflection: Research Paper Revision

Please post a response that reflects on your process of revising your research paper. What was difficult about the process? What was helpful? What did you learn from the process of revision that will help you with future research paper assignments?


Reflection on Research Paper-1

What was it like to research and write your research paper? What challenges did you encounter, and how did you overcome them? What was interesting or unexpected about your process or your research? What would you do again–or differently–the next time you write a research paper?

Your View from Middletown

“The View from Middletown” is a series of articles by reporter Gary Younge intended to capture a view of the American presidential election from the perspective of the citizens of Muncie, Indiana for the UK newspaper, The Guardian. As students living and studying in Muncie, do you feel Younge’s articles accurately reflect what you see around you? What would you like to tell Younge’s British readership about life in Muncie and how it might be impacted by the results of the election?gary-younge-guardian

Inquiry Questions for Research Papers

What inquiry questions would you like to pursue in your research paper? Write them here in the form of open-ended questions that reflect your genuine curiosity and avoid–for the moment–taking a position. [Example: How many U.S. students who enroll in college complete their degrees? What prevents some students from completing their degrees? What would help ensure a higher college graduation rate?]

Explain why your questions are important and how you will begin to find answers to them. Is there an opportunity with these questions to do some primary research and, if so, what forms might that research take? Be sure to include your name at the beginning of your post.

Rhetorical Analysis Reflection

In response to this post, discuss the process of writing and, in particular, revising your rhetorical analysis. Focus on how the paper changed from first to final draft. What changes did you make and why? What revision strategies did you use? How did you use the comments you received from your peers? Why, in your opinion, is the final version of your paper better than the first?

Response to Presidential Debate


Give a 200-word response to the 9/26/16 presidential debate focusing on the rhetorical strategies the candidates employed, how (and how well) they presented their arguments, and what logical fallacies you noted. You may also want to comment on moderator Lester Holt and on the rhetorical occasion of the debate itself as well as media commentary offered before and after the event.

The True American

trueamericanIn response to this post, please post a 200-word reflection on Tuesday’s lecture event with Anand Giridharadas and Raisuddin Bhuiyan, author and subject of The True American. If you were unable to attend the event, write your reflection based on whatever you have read of the book and Anand Giridharadas’ TED talk: Your  response should be posted by classtime on Wednesday.

Reflection on College Writing Essay

In response to this post, please describe your process of writing this paper. How did you gather your information and ideas? How did you discern patterns, generalizations, and exceptions in your data? How did you arrange and organize your argument? How did you revise to make your argument more coherent, polished, and persuasive? How did you check for grammar and spelling errors and misused words? What difficulties did you have in the process of writing, and what did you do to help yourself out of those difficulties? Was this paper easier or more difficult to write than the last assignment? What did this assignment teach you about college writing or yourself as a college writer?